Missions Department

Missions Department 1

Message of Peace Currently Supports Dozens of Ministries all over the world. Every month we will feature one of our missionaries or missions project.


Your support and help has made a huge difference in the adventure of seeking God and building relationships.

List of Parners

Tanya Aderman – Cambodia

David and Gayle Dorsett, China

Eric Dueck – RussiaShane Crouch – Miissionary to missionaries- USA

Daniel Matsunaga – Philipines

Dwight and Heather McConnel – Africa

Scott and Karen Hanson – Tanzania

Tanya Aderman – Cambodia

Jose and Ashley Talaveras -Spain

Antero Kaczan – Poland

Earl and Tammy Shorrocks – Poland

Francisco Ribeiro – Madeira, Portugal

Tecoluca Mission – El Salvador

Projeto Beith Shallom – Brazil

Annual Short Mission Trips